• All pets must be indoors and all gates must be unlocked on your mowing day. we may not be able to mow your lawn due to locked gate or pets in the yard but you will still be charged. the team is very careful with closing and opening gates. lawn and garden are not responsible for lost or injured pets.
  • before our arrival we advise clients to have picked up and put away small toys, hoses pet waste and other items. lawn and garden is not responsible for lost or damaged properties.
  • for efficient job we suggest there should be no watering on the day of the service. damp grass can cause clumping and  streaking.
  • we will adjust your schedule should it be on a rainy day. we do this by forwarding your mowing schedule a day after the original date.
  • if there is damaged property by a team member let us know within 24hour. we will repair or pay expenses for damages that we are not aware of.
  • we do not any refunds or credit. should there be a service issue we send a team to correct any reasonable service issues with no additional charges.